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Francisco Martínez Senior editor

ConvertXtoDVD is an authoring and conversion tool that provides you with all the functionality you need to produce your own DVDs using your own video files, regardless of their file format. It supports nearly all known video codecs and containers, and it allows you to customize them by adding your own subtitle files, soundtrack, and menu design.
As a bonus, ConvertXtoDVD offers you some basic editing functionality to enhance the contrast and brightness of your video files.

The program’s interface is nice enough, though it may take you some time to find out where things are, especially the first time you launch the program. Thought intuitiveness is not one of its strengths, it has others – the extensive list of file formats supported, for one, including high definition EVO, MTS, and M2TS video files. You will find it hard to spot a video container or codec that ConvertXtoDVD cannot load and convert to MPEG before burning it to DVD.

I wouldn’t say that this neat application renders professional results – it seems to have been designed with the novice or amateur user in mind. It takes all the video files you can fit on a recordable DVD, converts them into MPEG, and burns them to disc with the soundtrack, menu, and subtitles (SRT, IDX, SUB, etc.) of your choice. None of these operations are carried out using sophisticated settings or cryptic conversion profiles – everything is fairly transparent to the user, and you can focus your creativity on finding a nice background for your menu and on mixing your favorite music tracks to create the best soundtrack for your videos.

Videos can be somehow corrected and enhanced by tweaking their contrast and brightness. A very interesting feature that you don’t come across with very often is the rotate function – haven’t you ever recorded a video using your mobile phone in a vertical position? If you have, then you will appreciate this rare functionality in all its glory.

As said, not the most sophisticated video-to-DVD tool out there, but a good enough application for the less techy video aficionados.


  • Support for nearly all known video file formats.
  • Subtitle support.
  • Good choice of menu templates.


  • Limited editing functions.
  • User-interface intuitiveness needs improving.
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What's new in version 5.1

- see not responding for a couple of seconds at beginning of conversion - resolved.

What's new in version 5.0

ConvertXtoDVD - Released March 15th, 2013
- 0005956: [Feature Request] show preview of 16:9 menus too (felicia) - resolved.
- 0006235: [Feature Request] setting to display or not hints (felicia) - resolved.
- 0006476: [Feature Request] change color of background in preview editor window (felicia) - resolved.
- 0005575: [Bug] can't drag and drop subtitles into subtitles tab (felicia) - resolved.
- 0006464: [Bug] no audio on Video_TS with discriminator in flat mode (felicia) - resolved. [5 issues]

What's new in version 4.1

Fix "out of memory" when using network path
- 0003979: [Bug] error message appears after clicking on ok button described a burn error (wesson) - resolved.
- 0004403: [Bug] "Out of memory" error when burning from network path (wesson) - resolved.
Fix support of some ts (transport stream) files and minor interface issue
- 0004166: [Information] chapter edition (must press enter twice to validate change) (wesson) - resolved.
- 0004368: [Unsupported file/stream format] TS4 files no longer supported from 4.1.16 (wesson) - resolved.

What's new in version 3.0

Rebuild encoding engine, now allow advanced menus creation, supports more video and subtitle formats including WMV3, . HD, and .SRT or .SUB/IDX, and has more options and settings.

What's new in version 2.0

Rebuild encoding engine, now allow advanced menus creation, supports more video and subtitle formats including WMV3, . HD, and .SRT or .SUB/IDX, and has more options and settings.

Publisher's description


- Convert videos to DVD and watch on any DVD player
- Burn automatically to DVD after video conversion
- Excellent quality and fast converter
- Edit and customize videos

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  • 2
    Guest 3 years ago

    Nice program

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    Kyle 3 years ago

    Great software, a top Limewire alternative.
    Works impeccably and the speed is good.

  • 0
    Guest 3 years ago

    my acer 'crystal webcam' worked fine for a while (around 2-3 moinths). But then it stoped working and we didn't know why..... so i did some research and found i could use it on MSN and it worked great !!!!!! but then it also stopped working on there too now i haven't been able to use it since march 2010 !!!!! and it really annoys me
    Can anyone help !!!!! ???????????????

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