ConvertXtoDVD 7.0

Converts one or more regular video files into a customized DVD movie
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Many of us have ever desired to enjoy our favorite videos on our TV sets, but this is usually not possible because of the limited compatibility and number of supported formats of our home DVD players. Fortunately, today we can use software tools like ConvertXtoDVD to convert one or more videos into a standard DVD movie with customized menus and subtitles so that you can play it back using any compatible player.

Despite its simplicity and easy-to-use interface, this program offers all the options and tools you might require to create fully-customized, professional-looking DVD movies from your regular video files, and even to distribute them among your friends and family. Those tools include a comprehensive video editor for your source files, a DVD menu creator and editor, an image enhancer and its own disc-burning engine that supports multiple discs creation. Besides, you can configure all the parameters related to your DVD movie like the target standard (PAL or NTSC), the screen resolution and aspect ratio, the titles and chapters structure, the encoding mode (simple or two-pass) and the video deinterlacing mode. You can also use your own subtitles file and configure the default language for the subtitle and audio tracks of your movie, among many other options.

ConvertXtoDVD's developers have focused on two very important aspects: quality and conversion speed. As for the quality, the program includes special functions that automatically analyze and enhance the original quality of your source video files, and give you advice about the best way of improving it. With regard to the conversion speed, the program is designed to natively take advantage of 64-bit and multicore processors, and their multi-threading capabilities, so that this program must be one of the fastest of its kind.

The only drawback I can mention for ConvertXtoDVD is that, even though it has been designed for both professional and home users in mind, it might not be very suitable for beginners, due to a number of available options and tools. In any case, I would recommend any potential user to acquire a good knowledge level about DVD standards, structures, and qualities to be able to make the most of this program's capabilities.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Creates professional-looking DVD movies with customized menus
  • Includes a comprehensive video editor
  • Includes a comprehensive DVD menu creator/editor
  • Includes its own disc-burning engine
  • Use your own subtitle files for your DVD movies
  • Optimizes your source videos quality automatically
  • Takes full advantage of your hardware capabilities


  • It's not very suitable for beginners
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